Hearing Loss Can Seriously Affect Your Quality of Life

Have you found yourself becoming withdrawn from the people and activities that you love and enjoy? Have you been missing out on important occasions with family and friends? Do loud, crowded situations seem intimidating? Are you feeling depressed? Isolated? You are not alone.

Nearly 50 million Americans report some degree of hearing loss.
Smiling man who uses modern hearing aid technology to enjoy the world around him.

State-of-the-Art Hearing Testing

Utilizing the very latest hearing testing techniques, we can diagnose hearing loss and present patients with the best available modern treatments. We may recommend audiometry evaluation to measure your hearing at different frequencies, a speech evaluation to determine how well you hear and comprehend conversation at differing volumes, or a middle ear immittance evaluation to measure how you react to variable degrees of air pressure.

Think Hearing Aids Are Big and Clunky? Think Again

Clunky, bulky, impractical old-fashioned hearing aids are a thing of the past. Sophisticated hearing aid technology allows patients to be fitted with sleek, modern hearing aids designed to match the tastes and lifestyles of today’s hearing loss patients.
Audiologist examining a child's ear with an otoscope.

Convenient SMART Digital Hearing Aid Technology

Effective, powerful, modern digital hearing systems provide hearing device users with remarkable hearing enhancement and user experience. Advanced smart hearing aid devices offer convenient automatic features including:

  • SMART speech enhancement
  • ENHANCED feedback reduction
  • CONVENIENT background noise reduction
  • DISCREET smartphone syncing

Hearing Aid Repair Services

If your hearing device is broken or malfunctioning, convenient repair services are available. Our hearing aid specialists can diagnose or repair problems with all makes and models of hearing enhancement devices.

Tinnitus: Treatment to Stop Ringing in the Ears

Have you experienced ringing in your ears? This common condition (known as tinnitus) requires a thorough evaluation to diagnose the cause. Our audiology team can offer practical solutions for tinnitus sufferers.

Exceptional Hearing Loss Care for West Virginia Patients
Senior couple enjoying a conversation with help from modern, invisible hearing aids.

Proudly offering the latest hearing loss diagnosis, treatment and care, hearing aid technology and repair, and tinnitus treatment in association with Greenbrier Allergy and Audiology. 

Contact us today to discover all of the modern hearing loss treatment options available.

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