Justin Douglas, ENT

Dr. Justin Douglas’s commitment is to provide the very best in comprehensive sinus and allergy care and treatment options.

Dr. Douglas loves dealing with diversity of patient issues and challenges presented by the head and neck area. He takes great satisfaction in helping patients address health concerns in all stages of life from birth to old age.

Dr. Douglas was previously an engineer before turning his focus to otolaryngology (the study of ear, nose and throat conditions). He often draws from his experience as an engineer in meeting the challenge of problem solving in otolaryngology and devising individual patient treatment plans.

Before founding Southern West Virginia ENT & Endocrinology, Dr. Douglas interviewed for positions all over the East Coast, but ultimately chose to make the investment to keep his practice in the state of West Virginia to offer patients university-quality care in a small-town atmosphere.

Thanks to specialized training, Dr. Douglas is able to offer the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure for severe sinus sufferers in the comfort of Southern West Virginia ENT’s offices. Our skilled staff of sinus care professionals are committed to delivering sophisticated patient care.

If you are suffering with sinus pain, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to address all of your sinus, allergy, and sleep and snoring-related questions and health concerns. Our goal is to help you achieve significant improvement in your health and quality of life through long-lasting relief.

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