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Dr. Douglas is fantastic! I went in last year with severe sinus issues. He performed balloon sinuplasty on me and it worked great. I never had any pain or issues from the surgery. He also discovered two cysts in my jaw that we didn't even know were there and referred me on to an oral surgeon to have them taken care of. I love that he tries to help you without over medicating you like some Dr.'s do. He listens and does everything he can to help you feel better. I recommend him to everyone who needs to see an ENT. - S. Ray
Everyone in the office is so nice and very caring! Dr. Douglas did both of my kids tubes and also found my cancer through the biopsy he did on me! He is an amazing doctor. I recommend him to everyone! - T. Bolen
Not only have I worked with Dr. Douglas in the OR, he also performed surgery on my daughter when she broke her nose. Having worked with him, and been a patient, I can tell you he's fantastic!!! I highly recommend him for your ENT needs. - D. Phillips
I had taken my mother to see Dr. Douglas and he was excellent! Very kind, patient and genially cares about his patients. So difficult to find a doctor that really cares about you and Dr. Douglas does! I would highly recommend Dr. Douglas. - J. Allman
Both of my children goes there, they both have had surgery and he did a wonderful job! I am very pleased with him. - Bations in Beaver
Dr. Douglas had a wonderful bedside manner. All the staff at his office were very kind, and friendly. - L. Jarrell
I feel Dr. Douglas is very knowledgeable and explains your condition in details that you can understand. He takes an interest and does not make me feel that I'm intruding on his time. He makes suggestions and explains why and also will be very up front about your condition as to whether he can or cannot help. Will take appropriate action to get to bottom of your problem, be it a scan, MRI, or more simple treatment such as using certain nasal sprays. I feel very comfortable with him. - M. Lykens
GREAT DOCTOR and also Very Professional! I would recommend this Doctor! 110% - J. Collins

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